Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Off the grid

"I'm going off the grid," were the words of Chris as he told the cell phone company why we were closing out a phone account. It had been a long complicated process, whereby we wished to retain one phone with the company and close out another. In order to ease the task, which had already been difficult, he chose a white lie. He didn't want to be pressed to keep an account we didn't need. He was technically going off their company's grid.


A friend of mine made a gift for our colleague who was leaving our school. It was a frame with a comma pictured inside. He was the Grammar King. After hearing of the gift, I often thought I would like a picture of a comma hung somewhere to remind me to pause.


This was my recent reply to a mother who, I assume, was feeling mom guilt for missing notice about a toiletry collection for the local food bank from our children's class. She had posted an inquiry about where the information was on a local Facebook group.

"[The notice] was on the [online] calendar. I missed this one too. I log in maybe once or twice a month. I did log in and look at the beginning of February and still missed it. No one can do it all. As a teacher myself, wife of a pastor, two [in school] and one at home; I find it all a little overwhelming at times. Too much. I try not to sweat the stuff I miss...I hope as a community, others catch the balls I miss."

Except like my husband, it was a white lie. I struggle when I drop a ball.


Whether it is the agenda of a cell phone company, a workplace, or my children, I am bombarded with agendas. These agendas become part of my own and can overwhelm my day. My own agendas have been guilty of pushing me and others around!

While driving to work today, I was reminded to take time for God's agenda in my day. If I don't take time to listen for His agenda, the world will take over. If not the world, definitely my children will! Today, I felt like God was asking me to write His agenda here.

To fall off the grid for 30 minutes. To pause. To drop all the balls I am trying to keep in the air for a moment in time.

I know I need to do this more often. People sought out Jesus in the crowds. So too, must I, or I may miss something important. A conversation. A milestone. Peace. Forgiveness. Compassion. Unity...

Today I am reminded to " first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and [that] all these things shall be added to [me]." Matthew 6:33

What is Your agenda, God?