Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My Baby Doesn't Like The New Mum-Mum Recipe

She is smarter than you, Want Want Foods.

If you have noticed a change in the colour of your Mum-Mum's fret not, unless your baby no longer devours them and throws them on the floor like mine does, there is a new recipe which eliminates the sugar and salt and replaces those ingredients with pear juice.

I couldn't find any other information on the web which answered my questions about the colour change, so as per usual, I contacted the company and am posting my findings here. I inquired if the colour change I noticed in my packaging was due to the recipe change or overcooking.

Left light, old recipe...right dark, new recipe
Left old...right new
While I applaud Want Want Foods for their attempt toward a healthier biscuit, I want a biscuit my child is interested in eating while she learns to swallow various solid foods. The old recipe encouraged my kids to learn to swallow and they could self-feed. This is convenient, while I help feed the rest of the family dinner or get a bite in myself.

If I wanted nutritious, I would not be feeding my child a Mum-Mum. I want a biscuit my child can use a stepping stone toward eating independence and to keep her occupied during a busy time of family feeding in our family of 5. The old and the new recipe both taste the same to me. I feel like the pear-juice version may dissolve a little less rapidly. Regardless, daughter #3 throws them on the floor. E.V.E.R.Y. T.I.M.E.

I have included email correspondence below. After boasting they are parent-trusted for 25 years, changing their recipe, after such a long time may make my wise-to-your-tricks baby, smarter.

"Hello Kara,

Thank you for your feedback, it is very important to us. We recently improved the formulation of several Baby Mum-Mum flavors (Original, Banana, & Vegetable) to be sweetened with fruit juice, meaning these flavors now contain no added sugar. The darker color of the rusks is a result of the fruit juice, which naturally browns during the baking process. Other brands use refined white sugar, which is less natural, and reacts differently to the baking process.    


The Baby Mum-Mums Team"
March 24, 2015

The Mum-Mum website clearly indicates a new recipe, the packaging, I found, did not. If you are looking for original recipe, I have still found them, as of the date of this blog. Look for packages without the anniversary mark or flavours not using pear juice. PC Organics has a similar recipe but may contain the allergen of milk (and Mum-Mum's claim-to-fame is free of major allergens).

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