Friday, January 29, 2016

When Sticky Tack Fails

Josie, 6 months
I may rename this year two thousand sickteen. Groan. I know. See Josie's tear, it is a crocodile tear for her mama's current situation. One of the children has been ill for going on 2 weeks now. I am thankful. I am healthy. But, when the baby is sick...I don't need to finish that thought.

When I need to find a moment of sanity, God provides. The preschooler who doesn't nap, napped at the same time as the baby and I had an hour to myself before the kindergartener returned from school.   Time to distract myself from reality for a recharging moment.

The short version: I had an art wall in our playroom and the sticky tack I used left grease residue. I don't want to paint the room at this time. I looked into a big bulletin board...$$$$$. I decided on an intermediate approach for less than $20.

I had bought Command clips and Dollarama wall art and button stickers earlier. That gift of an hour was the perfect amount of time for assembly. The button stickers were perfect for covering up the leftover grease marks and adding a confetti like look. The Command clips will make switching out art simple too.

When I am feeling like I have accomplished nothing outside of taking care of children, I will take a moment to look at our wall of inspiration and be reminded that my treasures are my most important responsibility. Thank you, Jesus, for rest for my soul today (Matthew 11:29).