Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I Read My Own Blog...Clothing Amasses

It seems, at least twice a year the volcano of clothing erupts and at least once a week the laundry bins look like the leaning tower of Pisa. I have developed organizational systems to attempt to stay on top of it all. After the fall/winter purge, purchases and preparations this year, I thought I owed myself a well-done-pat-on-the-back through a blog post.

Recently, I have been searching my own blog for advice on newborns and babies. Despite Josette being my third child, I have many of the same concerns I did with my first. The difference? With my first, I knew, I know nothing. So I have turned to myself for advice. Not. Joking.

The rest I share in hopes that it may inspire someone...perhaps even my future self.

Laundry Routine

This is a week's worth of laundry sorted and ready to put away on our bed. Currently, we (usually me right now) do at least one laundry cycle a day: wash one load, dry one load, fold one load. I do this first thing when we get up and/or last thing before bed. I fold and sort concurrently. Then, regardless of whose pile it is, the folded laundry goes in one basket. When all of the the baskets are folded, full and toppling (we have 5), I then sort and put away the laundry. This way, I am not travelling to and from the hall to put away one outfit per person. Addisyn already likes to sort and roll socks as well as put away her own clothes.

Seasonal Wear Routine

From left to right:

Small Blue Bins #1 and #2 - clothes Josette has grown out of ALREADY! One is for throwing outfits into as they no longer fit. The other is for folded and sorted clothing ready for a new home. These are now beside Josette's dresser. The other girls have laundry bag hanging in their closet for this purpose. When the bag is full or after a Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer purge I sort into a) throw away b) donate c) give to my niece (from Addisyn) d) give to Addisyn (from Rylyn).

Large Blue Bins #3,4,5 - One bin for each girl to house next size, next season clothing. These are kept in the basement. My seasonal purges usually follow this sequence: empty drawers of clothing that doesn't fit and sort using system described above, fill drawers with next size, next season clothing, repeat for all littles in the house.

Shoebox Clear Bins - One bin for each girl to house special outfits from their childhood to give them when they are adults. So far each one has a gender neutral sleeper, girly onesie and dress. These are also kept in the basement. I plan to have a bin for me as well. It will be larger as I will store all my wraps in it too.

A seasonal sort usually takes a full month of time because I work on one step a few nights a week until it is complete. Chris and I usually purge our closets at this time too...thankfully we are not growing so it is not as daunting of a task.

Prepare your work outside;
    get everything ready for yourself in the field,
    and after that build your house.

-Proverbs 24:27

I am reminded that preparations of my heart are even more important. Have I thrown away my sin, stored His Word and teachings and shared His Love?

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