Thursday, September 4, 2014


Rylyn happy and home after her first full day.
Rylyn started kindergarten this week. To be honest, while an exciting milestone, not an emotional one for me. Perhaps because school is everyday for a teacher? Perhaps because I know this is something she needs and from which she will have great benefit? Perhaps because Addisyn has two (seemingly long) years before she starts kindergarten? Perhaps because I am more concerned about having to teach 100 minutes of kindergarten myself this year and am wondering how I am going to survive it?!

Having the privilege of experiencing the first day of school with other's children makes sending my own to kindergarten exciting and not emotional for me. I believe in our public education system and know she is in capable hands. I believe all education first comes from parents, so the responsibility to educate is still mine first and not one I am handing over. I believe in the light that is Rylyn and that it will shine brightly to love others.

Memories from the first few days:
-the caterpillar in her class made a cocoon
-played on the iPad
-riding the big bus with her big friend
-coming home dry and in the clothes we sent her (!!!)
-"I was mean and went to the principal's office." (After much probing I learned that the new word they learned about that day was "principal" and she in fact was not sent to the office).

Rylyn, those 30 wide-eyed kindergarteners I teach twice a week will get my best because of all the things you have taught me thus far about the small and mighty. Congrats on your first day and week of school!

Rylyn and Mom on the morning of the first official day of school
Family photo as requested for homework

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