Thursday, September 4, 2014

Goodbye Quincy

There will never be another cat like you. Even the feline haters could fall for you. My Quincy. It has been heartbreaking saying goodbye to you.

Treat-lover. Shifty eyes. Plastic bag eater. Ribbon addict. Molter. Muppet. Dandelion head.

Loved also by your first mom, Cindy. We first met on her hair dressing chair where you would watch me get my hair cut and even sit on my lap. Little did we know that one day you would become one of my favourite wedding presents.

I will miss most your final few years with our girls. Hiding from them all day long and coming up for lap snuggles with me, after they went to bed and I turned on the television. During the day, when they did catch you, not once did you bite, hiss or even cry as they dragged you around. I will miss brushing your mane and petting you when freshly groomed.

You tried to end our first year of marriage by drinking from the toilet and cleverly putting up the seat. Chris was continually blamed and nagged for leaving the seat up, until I caught you one day. I probably wouldn't have believed a cat could play fetch before you either. How you enjoyed running down the stairs after your jingle ball.

You had a loving and content disposition. Easy going. Dog-like. Eager to play or snuggle whomever came through the door. I remember taking you to the hospice to visit Great Auntie Vee. I take comfort in believing that she is taking care of you now in "green pastures" with "calm waters, " her favourite verses. I imagine you basking in the sunshine when you take breaks from playing with your brothers, Sonny and Charlie, who went before you.

Goodbye dear companion. There will always be a special place in my heart for you.


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