Monday, June 30, 2014

Moving Smart: What Not to Pack

I am back-blogging. We are in the new house and right now I don't want to blog about it! Shall we say home in progress? Packing my clean and organized home was fun. Unpacking to a home that needs scrubbing and repair, less so. Don't worry, I will have tons of stories for you and am still excited about our new home journey.

Here are things we did not pack until the 11th hour. Even then, they were in ready to grab formats. We put them in the truck the morning of the move. The rest of our boxes were in storage and our furniture awaited movers. I have included cost details about the storage and movers as I had trouble finding details of other's experiences for Ontario.

Hiring movers was a larger expense. $132 an hour plus insurance, taxes, tip (we decided $30 each mover)...etc. They showed up early...more money out of our pocket. We phoned the company afterward to let them know that we felt overcharged due to their error and they reimbursed us $100 (probably $132 x 2 hours early would have been more accurate). The 3 movers themselves were amazing and very professional. The dispatcher was where our error was made with arrival time. We were less happy there as the time was confirmed three days prior. We felt it was worth money despite the hiccough because it took all pressure off of us on moving day. As this was a local move, we moved everything else into a storage unit and moved all boxed items and small furniture ourselves over a month.

Total cost for movers ~$900 We used Birds Moving. They had the lowest quote for us of five local companies, cheapest hourly wages, most professional quote employee and the final cost was less than quoted. The movers, themselves, were great.
Total cost for a month of storage ~$225 plus fuel. We used Smithville Mini-Storage. They were fantastic and we had a 10' by 20' locker.

And now for the items (other than furniture) we did not pack until the end:

Large box for sheets, laundry, medicines, scrapbooking essentials and important files


Cleaning supplies, school back pack and purse

Control centre - pens, paper, packing tape, box cutter, AND modem box to mail modem back

One set of dishes, electronics (printer, computers...etc)

Picnic pack of plates and cutlery, two pans, flipper, one bake sheet, cheese grater, garbage bags, dish soap

Garbage can!

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