Saturday, April 26, 2014

Moving Smart: Thrifty Tips

We're moving in a month or so. As a result, my blogging will take a turn from motherhood, faith and Jesus, Celiac, among other things, to a series on Moving Smart, where I plan to document the smart (and not-so-smart) of this new adventure. We are attempting to balance the commodities of money, time and sanity.

Disclaimer: at this time, some of my tips are untested and could be Pinterest fails. I will of course edit  tips and label any that fall under the not-so-smart category once tested.

Frugal. My middle name. Photo essay time...

We plan to move everything FRAGILE ourselves and separately from other items. Chris' parents are storing these items for us at this time.

Glassware. Ahem...crystal.

Wrap bottom and stem with tea-towel (or other kitchen fabrics)
Place inside paper bag
Twist, tuck, voila!

China. Using the fancy pants storage box they are housed in. It is about double the size of a shoe box.

Paper bags in between China plates and toilet paper tubes to hold snug

Meals. A friend told me to budget for extra meals out surrounding the move. I have been selling unused items, that need a new home, online for months and this money will contribute to this fund.

The Food Fund jar
VISA points have been going to food gift cards 
This is what happens when Rylyn plays with marker

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