Saturday, March 29, 2014

McDonald's Solved My Health Problem

If you know me, you know the Golden Arch and I have a love-hate relationship. Mainly because I shouldn't eat it and have to drive by it twice a day! While, not good for your health, it did solve a health problem for me.

One day after lunch at work, a fishbone, from salmon (see I try to eat healthy), was caught in my throat. I calmed myself down, told myself I could breathe and, therefore, was not in a state of emergency. I did try to self-induce vomiting in the bathroom (thanks for sharing, I know) but couldn't. Once I calmed myself down, it was more uncomfortable than anything else. I made it through the rest of the work day.

After some Googling, my remedies of choice, before calling the doctor, were bread and Coca-Cola. The bread was to be the right consistency to push the bone down and the Coke acidic enough to help break it down. Bread seemed a little dry to me, and I wasn't about to go grocery shopping, as a result, a hamburger seemed like the better and closest option after work. Hamburgers seem to go down in a gooey ball, that in my mind, would be perfect for dislodging the bone.

Armed with 2 hamburgers and the largest Coke I could order, I fixed my fishbone problem. When I was home, I took a painkiller and gargled with salt water. Finally, I laughed at the fact, that in this case, McDonald's had been good for my health. That my friends, is how I dealt with a fishbone caught in my throat.

Cake probably would have worked too, Happy 2nd Didi!