Thursday, October 3, 2013

Gluten-Free Play Dough

Tonight's adventures included catching up with a friend over making gluten free play dough. As my daughter constantly has her hands in her mouth, and fingernails are an easy trap, I have decided play dough is an issue for us. Recently I have come into contact with more and more people that are unaware of what Celiac Disease really is. For the record, it is chronic autoimmune disorder (not an immediate life-threatening allergy), you cannot "grow" out of it and just because someone is gluten-free does not mean they have Celiac Disease. The Canadian Celiac Association says "crumbs matter" so if it is a matter of a crumb, I care.

I used the "Easiest Gluten Free Play Dough Recipe." I found the dough too sticky at first (like most gluten free doughs) and ended up microwaving it to dry out the balls. For a first attempt, I think it turned out okay even if I wasn't patient enough to fully knead in the colour. We are set with two dough balls each for church, the Early Years Centre and home!

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