Saturday, September 28, 2013

Good Food

We ordered a Good Food Box this month from the Hamilton Good Food Box program. $15 for $25 worth of farm fresh, mostly local fruit and veggies. You pay $15 at least a week in advance and pick up your produce on the third or fourth Wednesday of the month (depending on location). There is also a $10 "snack box" of fruits and veggies. The photo below shows what we received this month and I am eager to participate next month. This months veggie was cauliflower and came with a roaster cauliflower recipe I look forward to trying.

I pick up on Upper Ottawa which is only 10 minutes from my work. There is both a Hamilton and Niagara Falls program, but a gap for those who live in between the cities.

Here is the link to find a site near you for the Hamilton Region.

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