Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nursing-Friendly Summer Outings

...or maybe just kid-friendly?

I like to get out and about even with two under two. However, with Rylyn suddenly toddling about on two legs (Aside: Yay Rylyn for walking! She must be feeling better. Although we are still waiting for her scope for Celiac diagnosis, and thus, are feeding her gluten, she has put on a pound! I think no gluten for or after dinner and one Pediasure a day are helping!) and one to breastfeed, planning for safety and sanity are important.

If I don't have someone else with me to chase after Rylyn, I find, bringing a snack or meal for her to eat in the stroller while I nurse Addisyn works well. Rylyn is just learning to run away, so I can hardly expect her to understand boundaries, although the teaching has begun.

We are enjoying:

1. Classic car shows - Our favourite is the local one at Grimsby Gateway on Tuesday Nights. We can enjoy DQ for dessert! This is fun for the whole family to get out, walk and socialize.

D.D. checks out the cars at her first car show

2. Hidden Parks - The one below is part of Green Acres Park in Stoney Creek. It is a menagerie between apartment buildings near Second St. off of King St. We also enjoy a couple parks in the Beamsville surveys, including the one off of Cedarbrook Lane. There are tons of these little gems spotted throughout the region. Lunch, shade and green space makes for a great adventure for a mom with two in tow. Especially, since there usually are not huge audiences when disaster strikes....

Keeping walking and you will hit Green Acres Pool, a lovely park and picnic area trails behind

Rylyn rides a Little Tykes Pony at the park
Bible Reflections:

"O God, You know my foolishness; and my sins are not hidden from You." Psalm 69:5

-I have been amazed at God's grace of late. I would be lying if I said I have not looked to my own sin to blame for Rylyn's illness. You know, was it something I did? God does not work that way. He wants me to choose to love Him and receive His grace on my own. He does not manipulate with ultimatums. When I feel hidden in the beauty of a park, I know He is there. I cannot hide my imperfections from Him, but that is okay, because His grace covers them completely.

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