Wednesday, May 30, 2012

No Frills, Take Two

Today I needed milk and bananas. I thought a trip to the Zellers liquidating in Hamilton would be adventurous and there is a No Frills next door. We parked next to a Zellers cart carrel with carts from Zellers in it. We found some deals at Zellers, unloaded at the car and then endeavored over to No Frills with our Zellers searching for quarters this time.

With Rylyn sitting in the front of the cart and Addisyn in the bucket seat inside the cart, I pulled up with my groceries to the "1 to 16 Items" till. I was organized and had my Visa in hand, when the cashier informed me they don't take Visa. Pardon me? Everywhere but Costco takes Visa, including my local No Frills in Beamsville. No Visa in Hamilton No Frills stores.

I didn't have my wallet because one only takes the bare necessities when trekking in and out of a vehicle with more than one child. Thank goodness the cashier was pleasant, apologetic and offered to put my groceries aside while the "Zellers Cart Bus" with 2 passengers was driven back to the car to get cash. The girls were content and there was no line upon my return, therefore, I was not frustrated in the least.

I understand the owners are promoting PC Mastercard and this allows them to save money. I like my Visa Rewards program and one credit card is enough for me. No Frills has taken no frills to the max. Having no frills may mean better prices, but at lesser customer service. I am not talking about luxuries here, just the basics. Food Basics has those and prices to match.

No Frills, I hereby dub you mom unfriendly, especially if kids are in tow. Sorry Loblaws, with coupons and price matching I will be enjoying the same savings and taking my business elsewhere.

Addy says "Boo" to No Frills
"I love shopping!"

Bible Reflections:

"Kind people do themselves a favour, but cruel people bring trouble on themselves."
-Proverbs 11:17

Lord, help me to treat others as You would. Thank you that a positive attitude makes a world of difference when life throws you a curve ball.

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  1. Shopping at the Superstore can be a real pain too. I hate their "deals" of buy 2 for $3 and if I buy only 1, it will be $2.49 not $1.50 like other grocery stores. I'm not impressed with "bag it yourself", especially when the cashier doesn't push all my groceries onto the belt or sends the next customer's groceries down the belt with mine. At least once a month the debit/credit system is down and chaos breaks out at the banking machine. Not to mention being constantly bombarded by the "have I got a deal for you, if you sign up for PC Mastercard" lady, who "forgets" I'm the woman who says "no" week after week.
    The last straw for me is when you load all the groceries on the belt, tell the cashier "I have my own bags, I'm not collecting PC points and no I don't want the deal of the week" she rings everything through and asks for the tenth week in a row, "would you like to donate $2 to charity?" And as pleasantly as I can I reply "no not this week, I think $18 in unreceipted donations is my limit".
    Ha, I'm singing the PC blues, thanks to you RCSS!