Friday, May 4, 2012

Mine for a Time

I brought Addisyn to visit my sister's grade 5 class.

Earlier, Laura had warned her students that she would not be at school if her sister went into labour on a weekday. This seemingly small amount of knowledge creates a connection between teacher and students. It says, "I trust you; I want you to know me." Since Laura's class knew she was helping deliver a baby "that weekday" she was away, I had to visit with the baby. I was privy to share in a bond I miss with my own class and cannot experience while respectfully releasing responsibility to my replacement.

We sat in a circle.

"Can you put the baby in the centre?" a student asked, hopefully. I placed her in the limelight.

We watched Addisyn's eyes dart from student to student, a mouth turn from pouts to smiles.

The questions continued, from "How old is she?" to "Does she puke?"

Then it is was my turn to ask a question, "I am learning to be mom. What do you like best about your parents?"

The answers surprised me...

"They believe in me."

"They feed me and put a roof over my head."

"They love me even when I make a mistake."

"My mom has a lot of swag." Read: "My mom has a confident personality and I think she is cool."

Simple. What these kids love most about their parents are the things which, in my opinion, are innate. Being there. Protection. Unconditional love. Because, they belong to one another.

Each of these kids spoke like their parents were their heroes. I hope mine speak of me that way one day. I left them with this thought: "When you go home tonight, tell your parents what you shared with me today. Sometimes parents need to be told they're doing a good job and it will mean the most coming from you."

Rylyn chillin' with my dad
Addy chillin' with my mom

Bible Reflections:

"He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love." -Song of Solomon 2:4

-The Shulamite woman speaks of her Beloved, analogous to a person's relationship with Jesus. He feeds and protects His sheep because He loves them unconditionally.

Lord, I thank You that you feed and protect me. I thank You that Your banner over me is love. Help me to feed and protect my children like You do, that they would know my banner over them, like Yours, is love. I thank You that they are mine, for a time, and we are Yours.

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