Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Puke Pack

"Puke Pack"

Disclaimers: This entry is not for the queasy. As always, consult health professionals or your family doctor for health concerns.

Random vomiting. Gotta love toddlers. Teething related? Food sensitivity? Weak gag reflex? We have been keeping a puke journal for Rylyn for the past month so we can discuss our concerns with the doctor at our next appointment. Until then, I feel like Nancy Drew. The vomiting appears to happen on days she is teething and gags while eating. Switching from homo milk to 2% and eliminating yogurt from her diet, in addition to watching for gagging and encouraging chewing, has decreased puke incidents from up to 3 times a week to less than once a week. The episodes happen only once in a day, often at or after dinner time, and Rylyn feels better immediately following her throwing up.

The challenges with toddlers tossin' their cookies are numerous:
-it is sudden
-it is messy, they just throw up all over themselves
-they want to hug you after
-it smells because they are still intaking a significant amount of milk in their diet
These challenges became evident at our first public puking event at church one Sunday morning. We were entirely unprepared, but with some help managed...barely.

Pictured above is our "puke pack," located in the trunk of our car. I developed the puke pack after several incidents of public projectile puke. How is that for alliteration?

"Puke Pack" Contents:
-roll of paper towels
-baby wipes
-Lysol wipes
-2 plastic bags
-1 diaper
-1 sleeper
-1 adult-sized t-shirt
all crammed inside a large Ziploc bag.
The reusable grocery bag is for inside the car door and is our "bucket" in case we ever have to pull over in the car.

Our Plan:
-have a bowl on the table for meals, e.g. we keep a bucket on our kitchen table
-if a bowl is not available have ready access to napkins and be prepared to catch with your hands lined with napkins (We discovered this strategy at Harvey's (the fast food restaurant) one afternoon. The napkins are surprisingly absorbent. Fold and reline hands as needed).
-if an episode occurs at a time other than meals, move child to a sink or area that is easy to clean (e.g. not carpet), keep child close for comfort (some say allowing to puke over the shoulder is effective, but I like to see where the vomit is going so I prefer more of a seated cradle carry)
-if you are fast there will be limited vomit to clean up (like in Harvey's), if you are not it is a hurricane of mess (like at church)

Damage Control:
-send someone to grab puke pack from car if items are not readily available
-clean-up is a two-person job, get help if you can, otherwise deal with the toddler and yourself first and then the environment
-strip soiled clothes and put in a plastic bag or wash
-baby wipes or shower to clean toddler and self
-fresh clothes and lots of hugs
-paper towels to clean mess and a disinfectant afterward
-give toddler some juice or water to settle them and their tummy

Our latest episode was at Easter dinner. I am surprised anyone ate dessert! As I was breastfeeding, daddy was at the helm with some family members eager to help and others wanting to flee the premises. The puke pack was in the car, ready for use, but in the turmoil did not get to make a true debut (everyone was scrambling to help in their own way). They were dealing with the initial shock of the event, which Chris and I no longer have as this has become routine. In the end, we had a clean child and table and that is all that really matters.

I'll end on this:

At Harvery's after Addisyn's first visit with great grandpa Gord (pictures below), Rylyn had puked and we had successfully cleaned it up.

(Walking out the door).

Kara: "I think anyone watching would have thought we had it together."

Chris: "I think anyone watching would not want to finish their lunch."

Meeting Addisyn

Putting Addy to sleep

Reading with Rylyn
Bible Reflections:
"So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth...As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent." -Revelation 3:16,19

"For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks." -Matthew 12:34b

-Jesus is forgives. Those who celebrate Easter, celebrate the forgiveness of the cross. After finger-pointing to sin in Revelation 3:16, there is a call to forgiveness, verse 19. Whether one's priorities have been wrong or one has used their speech to curse rather than bless (word-vomit!), whatever wrongdoing, Jesus says, "Be zealous and repent," because He love us. Accepting or turning down this call is choosing to be cold or hot. If one keeps returning to sin or is indecisive, one is lukewarm. Zealousness is more than enthusiasm, it is enthusiasm yoked with diligence to repentance and devotion to the Love the Christ.


  1. You guys really do have it together! I definitely admire you both! Thanks for the giggle.

  2. The Puke Pack is genius! I must ask...I see something that reads 'Danger' within the PP...what is that exactly? I have a feeling that although it is useful, it's probably something pretty funny, knowing your humour!

    I hope this all comes to an end for Miss Rylyn and yourself and Chris!