Thursday, March 15, 2012

No Room at the Inn

Photo courtesy of J. Crans

Addisyn Lorelei Dalgleish
Born March 7, 2012 - 10:58 am
8 lbs, 8oz, 21"

Disclaimer: not graphic or gory, but it does tell the story!

March 6, Midnight - Contraction begin. 10 minutes apart. Nothing to be excited about.

March 6, 6 am - Notify husband and sister they are on call. It could be could be later this week.

March 6, Daytime - Chase 14 month old around Early Years Centre all afternoon, while catching up with some friends. Walked there and home. Able to ignore contractions, was hoping to get them going.

March 6, Nighttime - No change in contractions. One Tylenol, one Gravol, bed.

March 7, 4 am - Woken by contractions.

March 7, 5 am - Can no longer ignore contractions. i.e. Can't watch TV. Time to call Laura and midwives.

-Midwife on call is on her way to a home birth (the woman was ready to push).
-Another midwife phones, she is on clinic duty this week. She plans to cover off the on call midwife until she available. Except...
-West Lincoln Memorial Hospital is full. There are no beds available. They are cancelling scheduled C-sections. I feel like Mary.
-My options: home birth with WLMH on stand-by or St. Catharine's General.
-We had discussed the possibility of a home birth in this scenario (although unlikely) or if my active labour was faster than with Rylyn.
-My choice: "I am not sitting in a car for 40 minutes with these contractions to birth at the General."
-We have nothing "ready" for a home birth (although I do know I have everything on the list).
-Our clinic midwife must drive to the clinic to pick up a home birth kit and anti-biotics before coming to our home.

March 7, 6:30 am - Call Grandmas and send Rylyn off with Gramma Cheryl. Boss Chris and Laura around between contractions: Move the car in case we need an ambulance. Change sheets on the bed. Gather towels.

Time starts to blur - Our clinic midwife arrives and prepares the room and my anti-biotics.
-I am 4 cm and not in active labour (IMO, I am not in "transition," but am in active labour).
-Laura and Chris counter pressure my contractions on my back, I am hands and knees on an exercise ball and we laugh in between.
-Around 9 am? Our on call midwife arrives and debriefs. I overhear, "When her water breaks, I think she is just going to go."
-I walk.
-Contractions begin to change.
-"Grapefruit." I say.
-We check. Blood.
-Around 10 am? Another intense one.
-"Flow." I say.
-We check. My water has broken.
-No more laughing. Focus. I think of Rylyn when the contractions are intense. Not baby Rylyn, but the wonderful child she is today.
-As Laura and Chris remind me I can do it and that breaks are coming, I think of Rylyn and not only that I can do it, but that "they" are worth it.
-A few more "right-through-you" contractions and I feel pressure. "Pressure."
-"Is is a watermelon?" The midwife chides. She understands both my communication system and need for comic relief.
-"Yes." I reply.
-I am paralyzed, leaning on my bed and breathing.
-Once I am able get on the bed, because my legs are too tired from standing, I am ready to push.

March 7, 10:58 am - Chris catches the baby and cuts the cord.
-We adore a baby who is barely whimpering but breathing well.

-They tell me baby is a she.
-"Are you sure it is a girl?" I ask as she is covered in vernix and she is snuggled in a way that I can see no "parts."
-I look at Chris, he is taking his time with the name and wants to make sure it fits. "Addisyn Lorelei."
-Addisyn meaning "Son of Adam" and Lorelei after our sisters Laura and Lori meaning "melody."
-Laura and Chris go off to start texting the world.
-I look at the world in my arms. Addy.

"For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother's womb. I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made..." - Psalm 139:14a

-Thank you God for the safe delivery our daughter Addy in the peace, quiet and privacy of our home.

First picture

Our new addition

With Auntie Laura

"I love her..."

Getting weighed, back up to birth weight within a week

Girls, Pizza Pizza and Sesame Street

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  1. Sooo happy for you Kara! Congratulations :) Lots of hugs

    Megan B