Monday, March 5, 2012

Combatting Cabin Fever: Fun and One

Winter time and colder weather can bring cabin fever for both parents and children. I wrote a past entry on getting out in the winter. This entry is on staying in and staying occupied. Here are some activities our family has recently enjoyed to help keep away the winter blues (and teething crankies).

Practising "in and out" with circle cutouts and car trunk.
1) A "new", versatile toy: I went to a Mom2Mom sale and picked up a car/walker for $5 (pictured right). Rylyn needs practise walking and I liked that the toy turned into a car too. The trunk feature was a hidden bonus and has provided hours of "in and out" practise. We are not an "inundated-with-toys-family" (yet) and for a larger toy, this one was multi-purpose and cost me less than a Happy Meal.

2) Toy and Book Cycling: We have one closet that contains Rylyn's toys and books and have been abiding by the "one basket rule" so they do not take over our small living space. The "one basket rule" is one laundry tub of toys out a time. We have been changing the tub biweekly which has kept Rylyn's interest in them fresh.

3) Punch and Play: As a scrapbooker, I have a variety of punches. Rylyn loves circles right now (that is strange to write, but it is true)! We punched out circles together. She put them in and out of the car trunk and stacked them. I placed the circles on her head, let her shake them off and made letters on the carpet with them.

Raining cutouts mom placed on my head.

4) I have printed and posted the toddler calendar on the fridge for a new idea to insert into our day here and there. Chris, Rylyn, "bump" and I went on an outing to the Bulk Barn today. Chris bought $20 worth of candy for himself. I found pre-packaged green icing for 25 cents. I thought of picking it up because there was an activity using green icing on the calendar for St. Patty's Day (decorating cookies). We may just finger paint with it instead.  Another activity I hope to do this week (pending arrival of baby #2 of course) is going to the library and finding a book on wind.

I hope these few ideas provide someone else with some inspiration. Feel free to share your favourite indoor winter activities below.

Practising my walking skills...why can't you just carry me?
My new car walker...I like driving better than walking.

Bible Reflections:

"For God will bring every work into judgment, including every secret thing, whether good or evil."
-Ecclesiastes 12:14

-The New Testament tells us that Jesus redeems our evil works so I don't look at this passage as a fear-invoking one. Rather it reminds me that all my works, when combined with faith, are purposed to bring God glory. He sees all we do: the great and small. Even the small things, like punching out circles with a one-year-old, can bring Him glory.

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