Saturday, February 4, 2012

Teething Terrors

Practicing for what is to come.
This is not a rant. This is an entry in hopes of providing empathy to any other parents or caregivers taking care of a one-year-old cutting molars. Or two-year-old cutting molars or teen getting his or her wisdom teeth out!

Disclaimer: I believe families must do what works for them, provided their children's best interest is at heart. I regularly feel the need to say this, because in such a scenario I don't believe parents should have to justify their choices to one another. Rather seek to understand and share experience, even if another's experience is not another's cup o' tea. I say this so others feel free to comment and share their experience out of love of parenting.

Second guessing. We all doubt ourselves. My doubt of late has been: Maybe it is not Rylyn's molars bothering her?

Rylyn has been clingy, cranky and throwing screaming fits. All hours. It wasn't until yesterday, I could once again trust my instincts and let my doubts go. I came home from work. Rylyn smiled a cheeky grin and crawled to the door as fast as she could saying, "Mum. Mama. Mama."

The past week I would come home from work, try to take her from Dad (to give him a break) and she would scream bloody murder.

Last night no fits of pain in the middle of the night. Just sleep.

My girl is back...for now!

Rylyn seems to cut 3-4 teeth at once so it bothers her. The 4 molars, one which is now through, and the others which we can now see, have been the worst.

Here is how we respond to what we believe to be teething pain. If step one doesn't work we move on to the next. It is a progressive process.

1. Cuddles.
2. Milk. Typically if it is teeth she will push her milk away.
3. Freezie.
4. Distractions: Reading, playing, watching Elmo on TV, having a bath...etc.
5. If the crying persists, as a last resort, we use Pediatric Advil. It works in 20 minutes. We try to do this only if the pain is making her sick to her tummy or at night. We went through 1 bottle the past two weeks. FYI: Tylenol is recommended before 6 months, but a nurse sent me recent research indicating that Pediatric Tylenol is only good for fever, not pain. We switched to Advil once Rylyn was 6 months. As always consult your own health professionals and not my blog for advice!

Other strategies:
-frozen washcloths...we found freezies work better.
-teething toys...Rylyn really only likes her bumpy primer toothbrush. The others aren't long enough to reach her molars, but she didn't use them for cutting her other teeth either.
-Anbesol...we have used this sparingly. It was great for first teeth when you could put where the pain was. Now she just eats it...I am not a fan of numbing her entire mouth.
Happy 80th Birthday G.G.
Showing Auntie Laura my teeth through a balloon.
-amber teething necklace...some moms swear by this. Many say it helps with excessive drooling, pink cheeks and diaper rash associated with teething too. As Rylyn's only teething symptoms are a personality change and swollen gums, my research has not yielded enough scientific evidence to warrant investment in one.
-bibs and Kleenex...for excessive drooling or a runny nose.

Husband appreciation:
Chris knew I was worried about being reliant on Advil. I wanted it to be a last resort. He did a placebo experiment one day while home and assured me when we were using the medicine, it was needed to help with the pain.

Bible Reflections:

"O you of little faith, why did you doubt?" -Matthew 14:31b

-The words of Jesus said to Peter on the rocky sea while saving him, who took a leap of faith to go out on the water, from his doubt and sinking. It is when we second guess ourselves that the sea looks more rough and the waves look higher. All the more reason to trust the intuition God gave us and His guidance.

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