Monday, August 8, 2011

Baby Brain

I have a sheepish confession: while pregnant, I feared baby brain. I thought having baby brain meant that having a baby would somehow denounce my intelligence. This is a myth. I do, however, suffer from baby brain.

Baby brain is the condition where a parent's (usually mother's) mental power is all-consumed by looking after their precious little one, such that other thoughts and deeds get interrupted resulting in forgetful, silly situations. I liken it to a memory disorder. Your working and short-term memory are preoccupied with baby thoughts at any given moment and there is no room for anything else. Thank goodness most of my knowledge is stored in long-term memory!

You know you have baby brain when... (yes, these are true accounts)...

1) You pay a $19.00 parking ticket instead of putting money in the meter.

2) You lock your keys, cell phone and wallet in the car while at the grocery store and have to call CAA to bail you out. (Don't worry I did not lock Rylyn in the car with keys, I was holding her or I would have added and took a large object to smash in a window and retrieve child).

3) You can rarely find your keys anymore because they are not in their designated location. Instead you find them in strange places like the bathroom or refrigerator.

4) You start preparing food, walk away and then find your snack still awaiting you more than an hour later. (Although this does not beat the time, pre-pregnancy and motherhood, I put an ice-cream bar in my hoodie pocket to eat in 5 minutes...I'll let you guess what happened.)

5) You have worn various pieces of clothing either inside out or backwards in public.

6) You take your baby to the ER and do not bring a single diaper or wipe and hope baby does not poo for the almost 4 hours you are there.

7) You forget to buy stamps at the store at least 3 times in a row when checking out.

8) You know there is one more really good example of baby brain...but you just can think of it while typing....

On the plus side, I know my creativity is still in tact as Rylyn and I have been enjoying hamper time together. Rylyn can scoot, giggle and coo, but she does not like to practice sitting on her own. I thought the laundry hamper was the perfect size for her to practice while having distracted fun. She can catch herself and as the pictures show has learned to pull herself up too! So much for practicing sitting....

Bible Reflections:

2 Timothy 1:7

New King James Version (NKJV)
7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.
-I frequently need to take my thoughts captive to avoid them from getting away from me or to just focus and rid my mind of distractions. To do this I will pray, "Lord, captivate my thoughts and give me a sound mind." This verse also reminds me that we have a power over our thoughts that comes from God.


  1. I can relate- especially to wearing clothes inside out and forgetting things multiple times at the store:)