Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Super Faux Pas

Today, I would like to say, my baby is super and makes me a better person.

We have a few weddings coming up, and I was reflecting on my wedding faux pas of the past. Consider this a formal apology if you recognize these faux pas. If you are thinking, "Was that at my wedding?" Don't worry about it, it probably wasn't, we've been to many.

1) Bringing two McDonald's cheeseburgers to the head table for my husband who was in the wedding party, because I was afraid he wouldn't eat anything being served.

2) Wearing a hoodie over my dress (probably on more than one occasion) because I was cold and warmth was more important than looking nice.

3) Purchasing an accessory (a sheer scarf to cover some bacne about which I was embarrassed) for my bridesmaid's dress without consent of the bride and asking her if it was okay to wear it the night before the big day.

4) Disappearing during wedding photos. (I seriously would have peed my pants...er...dress).

So to prevent future faux pas, I have devised a short list of things NOT to do if bringing a baby to a wedding.

1) Wedding vows are not an appropriate time to draw attention to your child. E.g. "She just blew the cutest raspberry! Did you see it? Hey, you with the cam-cord...did you get that?"

2) Asking anyone wearing a tuxedo or little black dress to hold your baby immediately after feeding him or her.

3) Diaper changes should not take place on the tables at the reception. Or on the dance floor...watch your step!

4) Placing any incriminating baby items near the gift table. Wouldn't want to start any rumours!

We plan on leaving Ry with some family during the ceremonies and letting her dance at the receptions with us, because she really is a super baby. Perhaps this video can be played at her wedding.

Bible Reflections:

Philippians 2:3 (New Living Translation)

 3 Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves.

-Following this advice, will prevent (some) faux pas. God made our feet reach our mouth for a reason.

p.s. May I also add asking the question, "Does your baby sleep through the night yet?" to my growing faux pas list? Trust me you don't need to ask...we'll let you know!

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