Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Retail Therapy

It has been a dreary week...physically, as a result of the rain, as well as emotionally. We'll leave the latter for another time and venue! I decided some therapy was in order. Rylyn and I went to Babies'R'Us to prepare for some summer! I mostly spent credit too!

This is our way of saying good-bye winter, hello Mr. Sun. Check out Ry's new UV swim wear...which fits perfectly we may have to go back and buy more in the summer! It is a good thing we start swimming lessons this week!

We also received our headbands ordered from  Three Magic Sheep in the UK in the mail today! This also brought us some sunshine.


  1. REally cute headbands! I checked out the site, how do you order them?

  2. Click on item (add to cart), checkout. Use Credit Card or Paypal! Be sure to look at the half-price items! It will take about a month to arrive...she makes them when you order and then it ships from the UK.

  3. Kara, Rylyn is so ridiculously cute!!! You are one lucky momma!! Hope you are getting over the winter blues, hang in there, spring is on the way!!!

  4. Beyond Cute!! Love the pics!

  5. Two of the cutest girls I know!