Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The cloth diaper experience

The reason we have chosen to include cloth diapering in our child rearing practices is mainly environmental. I was feeling awful about throwing diaper after diaper into the garbage knowing that each one takes around 500 years to biodegrade. Hopefully, we will half (or better) the number of disposable diapers in our ecological footprint.

Rylyn is enjoying her FuzziBunz cloth diapers. The other perks to cloth diapering that we are also enjoying are Ry has a chemical free bum when wearing and she is learning the difference between wet and dry. She generally won't cry for a diaper change unless she is wearing cloth. The "stay dry" factor of disposables really do keep her dry. Of course there is also the long term money saving factor too.

The pocket diapers are easy to use. The FuzziBunz we have chosen are a one-size diaper that will take Ry right up to potty training. The waist and legs include adjustable elastics and snaps to keep the diapers on. The pocket diapers are like a disposable with the exception that a cloth insert is placed in the "pocket" between the waterproof outer layer and the soft, fuzzy fabric inner layer to absorb baby mess. We are also using a biodegradable liner which is flushable to reduce staining. Pee? The liner goes in the green bin. Poo? The liner gets flushed. Regardless, it decomposes in 20 days!

Washing has not been tedious. Prewash. Hot-cold cyle. Second rinse. Hang or tumble dry on low. We have 12 diapers which last us two days. We are using disposables at night and on wash days. A happy combination of being green and convenient. Oh, and did I mention they are super cute and stylish?!

Girls can wear blue too!



  1. Super post, Kara! Not only green and chemical-free, but they look so adorable on Rylyn!