Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baby Wearing

Rylyn loves to be worn in her wrap. We have two now: a Maya Wrap and a Moby Wrap.

I purchased the Moby Wrap this past week on recommendation from someone I met in Baby Talk classes. Originally I was looking at purchasing a Didymos, however, I was having trouble finding a Canadian retailer (shopping in Euros can be expensive especially once shipping is factored in).

The Maya Wrap is a ring sling and perfect for beginner wearing and hip wearing later on (so I am told). The Moby Wrap and Didymos are fabric slings made of one piece of fabric and are more versatile with more even weight distribution. Now that Rylyn is getting bigger (probably around the 10 lbs mark), I was looking into a wrap that met these requirements.

The short of it? We tried the Moby Wrap for the first time today. Ry definitely feels secure and she fell asleep almost instantaneously! She is now asleep in her wrap as I type. Which brings up another concern...Lil' Bean has been sleeping all day...she had better save some for tonight or I may be blogging during the twilight hours too.

Here is a picture of Rylyn and I in our Maya Wrap. Feel free to comment about your Baby Wearing experiences or wraps you like to use.

Bible Reflections:
James 4:8 (New King James Version)

8 Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. 
-When Rylyn is upset I can draw her close to my heart in a wrap and she settles. When we are unsettled and need a friend, if we draw near to God he can settle us with His Peace. If we are not unsettled, we gain security and intimacy in our relationship.


  1. I have a WomBaby wrap and I'm still trying to work it out. Chloe had another one when she was younger but you can baby wear until around 3/4 or until your back gives out (I liked that definition). I enjoy it because Chloe loves to be up when we are out for walks because she gets to see everything that is going on. You are limited when you are only like 1 1/2 feet tall (well, not even).

    I really enjoyed my other sling when Chloe was little. I carried her to the doctor's office in Hamilton like that once. The nurse was like "I've never seen a teenage mother do this!" I smiled and said "Well, that's what you get for generalizing." Moral of the story- I loved my sling and I'm glad that the sling thing is working well for you and Rylyn.

  2. Ah, baby wearing. One of my favourite things (and Ayden's)! In 11 months we have gone through 3 different modes of wearing. In the early weeks (and sometimes later on) we never went without our sling. Just a simple loop of fabric that cradled Ayden ever so perfectly. He loved it, I loved it. When he got a little bigger and wanted to look around we moved onto our Blue Celery wrap. Very similar to the Moby (we had one of these too) but is 3 smaller pieces of fabric rather than the mile long Moby. While we liked the Moby, I did find it a bit of a chore to get on in those "urgent" moments! The Blue Celery worked well for us until he started approaching 20lbs. I can still easily carry him in it, but after a while it does start to sag because of his weight and stretchy fabric! Now we are onto the next, our SSC (soft structured carrier). I LOVE IT!! I can wear him on my front when we are wanting to be close, but can strap him to my back for our daily adventures around the neighbourhood, mall, mountains, wherever!
    There really is nothing better than to be able to go about life with your little one right along with you!