Wednesday, January 5, 2011

'Twas the Night Before Rylyn (Written December 24th, 2010 - A Birth Story)

'Twas the night before Rylyn
and all through 57 Swayze Court
not a creature was stirring
not even Quincy and Charlie were out of sorts.

It was quarter past twelve
when the fun began and changed our lives.
Mom's water broke.
Six hours to "sleep," then call the midwives.

At West Lincoln we arrived
It was Inge to our aid.
Three centimeters dilated - 7 to go!
Poor Dad was starting to fade.

Auntie Laura was his relief
as oxytocin built contractions.
Mom rocked out the birthing ball.
No time for distractions.

After lunch with Grandpa D,
Dad made his return,
Laura stayed to help,
you would arrive soon we all learned.

Auntie Laura massaged my back
while Dad gave me a cool compress
and both encouraging words
to help Mom in her distress.

When Mom thought she couldn't go
on any longer
It was time to push, (and drink ice water)
the need to meet you, growing stronger.

Rachel arrived to help Inge
and then out you came
after 30 minutes of pushing - at 2:30 pm!
Our little Rylyn to be named.

What joy, what love,
what blessing to be found
in God's Christmas gift on December 23, 2010,
you arrived with great sound.

You cried for over an hour
while Mom cuddled you close.
You soon would have many visitors,
but first Dad got his dose.

We stayed at the hospital that night.
You missed Dad who had to go.
From 1-4 am, more crying
but by then you seemed to know...

You are loved and will be doted on
whenever there is need
so you slept until the morning
a Merry Christmas Eve.

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  1. Wow kara this had me almost in tears riding in brads car on the way to work!